Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday – Jessica Dutton

Happy Friday, Femmetrepreneurs! Hope you had a productive week!

This week’s Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday Femmetastic Business Woman is Jessica Dutton.


Jessica Dutton is one busy and femmetastic Femetrepreneur, with many spinning plates.

Jessica operates Jubilee Music, a music studio specializing in early childhood development and creative, educational strategies for private and group instruction. Jessica Dutton has taught music, choir, voice, and piano in Northwest Arkansas since 2004 and loves sharing music with people of all ages. She studied music education at the University of Arkansas and has a Master’s Degree in Music Education from Boston University. Jessica discovered Music Together soon after the birth of her son, Isaiah. While she was familiar with research about early childhood music experiences, she was amazed to witness the profound impact that music had on her own little one from the very beginning of his life. She sought out a method that would help support his natural musical development and was such a huge fan of the Music Together approach that she wanted to share it with others. Jessica completed her Music Together teacher training in Spring 2015 and began Jubilee Music to help reach the Northwest Arkansas community with the joy of music. Jubilee Music’s philosophy is that all children (and all people!) are musical and deserve the opportunity to experience music-making. Jessica Dutton hopes to continue to expand Jubilee Music and bring the Northwest Arkansas community even more opportunities to live a musical life.

The femmetastic Jessica Dutton also runs an online boutique, Beautiful Besos. Beautiful Besos offers comfortable, stylish clothes for the modern woman (sizes XS-3X) and a full line of skin care and cosmetics. Beautiful Besos was launched out of Jessica’s desire to find herself a new style that fit both her personal fashion sense and her new life as a working mom–something functional but fun, stylish but simple. During her personal fashion journey, Jessica discovered some first-rate skin care and long-lasting cosmetics from SeneGence/LipSense and the fresh, flattering designs from Amelia James. Jessica became a consultant for these companies and now uses her Beautiful Besos Boutique to share these amazing products and beautiful clothes along with her favorite makeup and fashion tools, tips, and tricks with other ladies.

Along with her other projects, Jessica is also a contributor for the Northwest Arkansas Moms Blog. The NW Arkansas Moms Blog is a parenting website offering the latest information on family friendly activities in the area, parenting advice, and stories about motherhood.

Originally from Texas, Jessica Dutton now resides in Lowell, AR with her Spanish teaching hubby, two boys (ages 1&3), and her crazy cat, Mambo. In her free time, she enjoys filling up her coffee cup (again!) while contemplating this rare thing called “free time.” She sings, plays the piano, clarinet, ukulele, and guitar, and enjoys making music with her family. Jessica is a polka dot enthusiast, coffee connoisseur, and believes that everything is better in floral print. She also admits to being slightly obsessed with adorable llamas.

The Femmetrepreneur Community is proud to call Jessica Dutton one of our own and we wish her much success and happiness in her future.

You can find links to all of Jessica Dutton’s business here to learn more information.

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Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday – Samantha Lang

Hey, Femmetrepreneurs, hey! We made it through the week and Friday is here! Hope you slayed this week and conquered every challenge you came up against,

This week’s Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday Badass Business Woman is Samantha Lang.


Samantha Lang is a mom of two boys under two. She is a private helicopter pilot who is in school working on her ratings. And on top of everything she is currently engaged and planning a wedding. With all of her projects and activities life is both hectic and exhausting.

Samantha got into Thrive after she watched her friend Thrive for a year. Samantha said her friend, “always seemed to have an abundance of energy and be in a good mood!” After not being able to focus in class because she was always tired, Samantha decided she needed a change. Three simple steps changed her life.

Now with Thrive, she not only has more energy and mental clarity, but she falls asleep more quickly at night, and her general aches and discomforts are gone.

Samantha says, “I feel like a better mom because I am in a better mood! Seeing how great I felt, my fiancé decided to try too. Now we thrive together! I just want everyone to feel as great as I do!” And that is the goal for her Thrive business, “to help everyone feel great!”

Learn more about Samantha and Thrive (and the three simple steps you can take to change your life) on her website. Be sure to also like and follow her on Instagram @thrivingmamasam to show her the love of the Femmetrepreneur community.

When we work together we both succeed.

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Femmetrepreneur Spotlight Friday – Regina Smith

Hey Femmetrepreneurs! Happy Friday!

This week’s Femmetrepreneur Spotlight Friday Badass Business Woman is Regina Smith. Regina Smith with G& R Creations Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday

Regina grew up in Southern California. After high school she joined the Marine Corps and served honorably for eight years!  (Totally badass!) While in the Marine Corps she met her husband, and they have been happily married for ten years. They have two beautiful children together. Regina and her family currently reside in Pennsylvania where her husband is a career firefighter, and she runs her own small business.

G & R Creations started about two years ago. Regina and her daughter began crafting together as a hobby. They started out making unique gifts for friends and family. Before they knew it, their friends and family started to ask if they could make unique gifts for other family and friends. Their crafting business took off from there. Regina says that G & R Creations’ business motto is to, “Provide opportunities for everyone’s uniqueness to shine through.” G & R Creations is a one-stop-shop for hand crafted items and unique, custom gifts. They ship throughout the United States. At their shop you can find a variety of items including: tote bags, t-shirts, tumblers, makeup bags, and children’s clothing; just to name a few items.

You can find more info about G & R Creations and order some of their amazing crafty merchandise here.

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Femmetrepreneurs’ Spotlight Friday – Kayla Crow

Welcome Femmetrepreneurs to our first ever Femmetrepreneurs’ Spotlight Friday! Every Friday we will be shining the spotlight on one amazing female business woman.

I’d like to shine the spotlight on our first Femmetrepreneur: Kayla Crow owner and creator of Kayla Crow Photography.img_9285-1

Along with being an amazing business woman and member of our Femmetrepreneurs community, Kayla Crow is a United States Navy Veteran. ( So, we already know, starting off, that she is one badass female!)

When asked about how she got started in the photography business, Kayla says, “Art has been in my blood since I was little and been a passion of mine; be it drawing, painting, crocheting, or photography.”

After being discharged from the military she made the decision to return to school, “which was fun while working full time and raising two small children.” But the best moment of her college career was graduating from Texas Tech University in December of 2017 while her children watched her accomplish her six-year-long journey.

Kayla started her photography business primarily as a hobby that quickly turned into a passion. “I could freeze time and memories and my skills and tricks just kept getting better and better.” Now, Kayla’s primary focus is getting into the cosplay community and going to local cons with the goal of building her brand, as well as developing a publication created for cosplayers.img_9281-1

Head over to Kayla’s Photography Facebook Page and Instagram account to learn more about her business. Like and follow her accounts to show her the love of the Femmetrepreneur community. More information can also be found on her website. When we work together we both succeed.

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