Femmetrepreneurs’ Spotlight Friday – Kayla Crow

Welcome Femmetrepreneurs to our first ever Femmetrepreneurs’ Spotlight Friday! Every Friday we will be shining the spotlight on one amazing female business woman.

I’d like to shine the spotlight on our first Femmetrepreneur: Kayla Crow owner and creator of Kayla Crow Photography.img_9285-1

Along with being an amazing business woman and member of our Femmetrepreneurs community, Kayla Crow is a United States Navy Veteran. ( So, we already know, starting off, that she is one badass female!)

When asked about how she got started in the photography business, Kayla says, “Art has been in my blood since I was little and been a passion of mine; be it drawing, painting, crocheting, or photography.”

After being discharged from the military she made the decision to return to school, “which was fun while working full time and raising two small children.” But the best moment of her college career was graduating from Texas Tech University in December of 2017 while her children watched her accomplish her six-year-long journey.

Kayla started her photography business primarily as a hobby that quickly turned into a passion. “I could freeze time and memories and my skills and tricks just kept getting better and better.” Now, Kayla’s primary focus is getting into the cosplay community and going to local cons with the goal of building her brand, as well as developing a publication created for cosplayers.img_9281-1

Head over to Kayla’s Photography Facebook Page and Instagram account to learn more about her business. Like and follow her accounts to show her the love of the Femmetrepreneur community. More information can also be found on her website. When we work together we both succeed.

Dream It. Believe It. Achieve It.

If you would like to be featured as a Spotlight Femmetrepreneur message us on Facebook or Instagram.


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