Femmetrepreneur Spotlight Friday – Regina Smith

Hey Femmetrepreneurs! Happy Friday!

This week’s Femmetrepreneur Spotlight Friday Badass Business Woman is Regina Smith. Regina Smith with G& R Creations Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday

Regina grew up in Southern California. After high school she joined the Marine Corps and served honorably for eight years!  (Totally badass!) While in the Marine Corps she met her husband, and they have been happily married for ten years. They have two beautiful children together. Regina and her family currently reside in Pennsylvania where her husband is a career firefighter, and she runs her own small business.

G & R Creations started about two years ago. Regina and her daughter began crafting together as a hobby. They started out making unique gifts for friends and family. Before they knew it, their friends and family started to ask if they could make unique gifts for other family and friends. Their crafting business took off from there. Regina says that G & R Creations’ business motto is to, “Provide opportunities for everyone’s uniqueness to shine through.” G & R Creations is a one-stop-shop for hand crafted items and unique, custom gifts. They ship throughout the United States. At their shop you can find a variety of items including: tote bags, t-shirts, tumblers, makeup bags, and children’s clothing; just to name a few items.

You can find more info about G & R Creations and order some of their amazing crafty merchandise here.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

If you would like to be featured as a Femmetrepreneur Spotlight Friday Badass Business Woman email us, or message us on Facebook, or Instagram.


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