Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday – Samantha Lang

Hey, Femmetrepreneurs, hey! We made it through the week and Friday is here! Hope you slayed this week and conquered every challenge you came up against,

This week’s Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday Badass Business Woman is Samantha Lang.


Samantha Lang is a mom of two boys under two. She is a private helicopter pilot who is in school working on her ratings. And on top of everything she is currently engaged and planning a wedding. With all of her projects and activities life is both hectic and exhausting.

Samantha got into Thrive after she watched her friend Thrive for a year. Samantha said her friend, “always seemed to have an abundance of energy and be in a good mood!” After not being able to focus in class because she was always tired, Samantha decided she needed a change. Three simple steps changed her life.

Now with Thrive, she not only has more energy and mental clarity, but she falls asleep more quickly at night, and her general aches and discomforts are gone.

Samantha says, “I feel like a better mom because I am in a better mood! Seeing how great I felt, my fiancé decided to try too. Now we thrive together! I just want everyone to feel as great as I do!” And that is the goal for her Thrive business, “to help everyone feel great!”

Learn more about Samantha and Thrive (and the three simple steps you can take to change your life) on her website. Be sure to also like and follow her on Instagram @thrivingmamasam to show her the love of the Femmetrepreneur community.

When we work together we both succeed.

Dream It. Believe It. Achieve It.

If you would like to be a Femmetrepreneur Spotlight Friday Badass Business Woman you can email us or message us on Instagram or Facebook.


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