Adding Video To Your Content Marketing

Happy Hump Day, Femmes! The week is halfway over and there are only a couple more posts in our Content Marketing Blog Series. I hope you have found the posts helpful so far.

Today we are talking about Video.

A lot of people shudder at the thought (including myself when I first started marketing), but video is actually not that difficult to create and can have a very powerful effect on your marketing.

Almost everyone enjoys watching video these days, just look at all the videos flooding your social media timelines and all the new “Live” video features that have been introduced. With most of the civilized world having access to fast internet, video has become the medium of choice for a larger number of people than ever before.

Some marketers even use video as their primary medium for content and are quite successful with it. Buzzfeed, for example, is a very popular video content creator. I think probably half of the videos I have saved on my Facebook account are Buzzfeed videos. Another example of powerful video content is Matthew Hussey – a dating coach and love guru. He does a ton of marketing through videos. Even his email newsletters contain videos.

So why is video so important?

Well, the main reason is because so many people like to watch videos (pretty obvious, right?). Uploading your videos to YouTube, which has millions and millions of viewers every single day, will let you have access to a huge amount of traffic that you otherwise might not have accessed with text content.

Not only that, video content is often a lot more engaging than text. Video really holds pexels-photo-669005.jpegyour audience’s attention, especially if it is done well, so it’s easier to get people to take action – such as either signing up for a mailing list or purchasing your product.

Plus, written content can be a bit impersonal, and it’s difficult to connect with readers on a personal level.

With video, your audience can see you or hear your voice and it helps them see you as a real person rather than just a phantom writer behind the scenes trying to sell them something. Again, this boosts your conversion rate.

Of course, you don’t HAVE to appear on camera if you’d rather not. I’m not going to BS you and say video with no voice or face on the screen is just as effective as video with both, however even video that is comprised of mainly music and images can still be effective, and it will get you access to the almighty YouTube’s massive traffic base. I just put up my first video for this blog on YouTube the other day and it was just music and my computer screen teaching you how to access the Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday articles. I also have several book trailer/teaser videos on my other channel. Also, at this top of this post I icluded a short video that gives the basic concept of this blog post. No voice and my face isn’t on screen in any of these videos, but they are still effective for their purpose.

If you don’t feel you can make videos yourself, you can always outsource your videos. There are people who will make short, simple videos on Fiverr for five bucks, or you can pay a little more and get higher quality content.

It’s also easier than you probably think to use apps like Adobe Spark Video, InShot, Splice, and many others, or even web-based video editors like Animoto or Magisto. I personally use iMovie to make most of my videos.

These programs are very easy to use, and almost anyone can create a video with them in just a few minutes — and I say this being FAR from a tech wizard.

So don’t be afraid to add video to your content marketing arsenal. It’s worth the effort!

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PS- Visual media is EXTREMELY important in content marketing, so stay tuned!

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