An Introduction to Blogging

Hello Femmes! Today is the start of our seven part bog series on Blogging! Blogging is now an essential part of marketing businesses and driving traffic to your website. Whether you are a blogging-pro or blogging-virgin we have you covered this week with knowledge to help you grow your blog.

If you have to start from scratch with blogging, it is important that you know the basic things involved in it, such as domain name and hosting, the software to use, how to earn from blogging, and what to write about.

Domain Name And Hosting Solution

You need a domain and a hosting solution for your blog. and often provide a good introduction to blogging without costing money. Once hands-woman-laptop-working.jpgyou’re familiar with the basics of blogging, you can confidently spend on your own domain name and web hosting package.

You need your own paid hosting services so you can be assured that the website will not shut down your blog if you ever violate their policies. You will also enjoy more features and flexibility with your own hosting account, so you can use special scripts, content management system, and other features for your blog. Most of all, a domain name of your own will boost your credibility as a blogger.

But how can you choose a domain name and hosting services?

You need to find one with two words and has a .com extension. Find one with your main keyword in the name. However, it might take days for you to find an appropriate domain name that is still available in the market.

As for the web hosting solution, a shared hosting plan that supports Linux and boasts of a cPanel would be a good choice. Ask the hosting company about these features if you’re not sure you can find them yourself.


You also need to choose the right software. WordPress might be the best Content Management System out there. It is available for free as an open source project and it’s full of features that you might not even find in other software. For those using a cPanel, just look for “Fantastico” in the dashboard, then install WordPress and other software with just a few clicks.

Blogs: Then And Now

Blogs may have started off as personal diaries, but they have changed into something else over time. People realized blogs could be multi-purpose. Some used their blogs to write articles about their field; others used it to share news; and others used it as an outlet for their creativity.

All in all, blogs have now turned into a platform where people can talk. Instead of merely reading content from major websites, now everyone can talk about the things that they are passionate about and interested in through blogs, and even get people to respond to their content.

The Possibility Of Making Money From Blogging

You can confirm the fact that blogging does make money if you look at how the popular blog, TechCrunch makes more than $1,000,000 annually, while,, and Huffington Post are earning almost the same amount of money.

Although these popular blogs may operate the same way as mainstream websites do, with their paid writers, sales team, and other elements, these sites were the fruits of labor of a single blogger.

You don’t even need to have a blog as popular as these blogs to earn money. An average pexels-photo-534229.jpegblogger can still make five to six figures every year, mainly through marketing deals, advertising, and even online projects launched through blogging.

But to make money from blogs, you also need to put in hard work and time. It’s just like with making money through other methods.

It would be easier for you to earn money from blogging if you are passionate and knowledgeable about the topic that you are going to write about. You also need to be willing to put in extra hours into your blog, to meet new people in the field, to be flexible enough to work anytime, anywhere, and to start a real business, if necessary.

 What To Blog About

It’s hard to choose a topic, but you can write about just anything if you just want to blog as a hobby. But if you seriously want to earn money from it, you need to find the right niche for you and avoid a few common mistakes that new bloggers often commit.

Most new bloggers commit the blunder of writing too much about themselves. It might not be a good idea to use your name in the domain or write about your personal matters to the extent of making you look vain. While this might have made other bloggers popular, this usually works for those who have already reached a certain level of notoriety before they even started blogging. You can share a few personal experiences, but it’s best to focus on a certain topic aside from yourself.

Writing about too many topics is another common mistake. Although you might be an individual of many talents and interests, pick the topic that you are most passionate about. That way, you can find a central audience, connect with them, and finally earn money from your blog.

Going for a niche that you’re not really interested in is also a wrong move. While other people might have made money from that niche, it won’t work for you unless you know the topic or you are genuinely passionate about it. You have to truly love what you’re writing about so you can stick to it for a long time until the money starts rolling in.


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