Ass by Jess Femmestastic Femmetrepreneur

Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday – Jessica Stadler

Happy Friday, Femmes! Another week of hustle and grind is coming to an end. I hope, as always, that this week has been productive and profitable for you.

Today’s Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday Femmetastic Femmetrepreneur is Jessica Stadler with Ass by Jess.

Ass by Jess Femmestastic Femmetrepreneur

Jessica Stadler started Ass by Jess almost two years ago but has been in the fitness industry for roughly six years. Ass by Jess is a fitness program designed to help you lose fat and build muscle to gain sexy curves. The Ass by Jess motto is: “Ass is a must; the rest is a plus.” Jessica explains the meaning behind the motto, “Meaning that I focus on booty workouts because who doesn’t want a booty? But I also focus on other exercises to tone abs, upper body, cardio, etc.”

Ms. Stadlers says that she got into the health and fitness industry because she loves teaching others how to feel confident, sexy, and strong through workout programs, nutrition, apparel, etc. “I love helping others see results physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout their process of working with me. I train clients to build habits and live a balanced life while learning these tools for long term results.”Jessica Stadler Femmetastic Femmetrepreneur

Eventually Ms. Stadler wants to manage multiple trainers that would be in charge of her virtual training sessions. When asked about her ultimate life and business goal, Jessica’s goals are similar to many women who go into business for themselves. She wants to be able to travel while still having the business run properly. Jessica says, “I want to build a team of amazing people that have the same vision and want to help more people feel strong, confident, and sexy.”

Also, Ass by Jess now offers fitness boxes! Every three months you will be sent fun fitness surprises to help you along your fitness journey. You can find more information here.

Before starting Ass by Jess, Ms. Stadler worked for multiple corporate gyms and country club gyms. She made sure that she was working somewhere and getting income before she started her company. This way she was able to focus on her business as a side hustle without having to stress about money while building it. Jessica also used to be a model, a photographer, and she coordinated weddings. She received her Associate of Arts Degree from a design school.

Her greatest obstacle in business has been seeing the business shift. She has had to maintain an open mind regarding her vision for the business. “Things change and you have to be willing to adapt and grow with the changes, so I have learned to be flexible and allow my business to develop the way it’s meant to develop. This is hard because I don’t always like the changes but I’ve learned to seek the greatness within obstacles.”

Ms. Stadler offers this advice for women who want to go into business for themselves:

“Be patient. (This one took a long time for me to grasp….) Enjoy the process and the journey of developing a business. It is going to shift constantly, be up and down, and basically be an emotional roller coaster. LOVE what you do! If you don’t love it and you are not passionate then you will not stick with it when its not a rainbow kind of day. Surround yourself with people who will love and support you because it will not be easy and it will take sacrifices. If you are around similar people then they will support every part of this journey with you and offer their help and advice.”

In her free time Jessica enjoys exploring and going on adventures, trying new things, going for walks, and socializing with friends.

Her favorite motivational quote is:

“Be the kind of woman who makes other women want to up their game.”

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Keep being Femmestastic, Femmes! And remember when we work together, we succeed together.

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