How to Forge Relationships with Your Audience

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In any field, building relationship is always important. It holds true even in blogging. Your relationships with other website owners and bloggers will help bring new readers and buyers to your blog. This is how important networking is and this post will teach you tricks on how to build a network online.

The most important thing that you need to remember is to forge genuine relationships. Don’t befriend people because they are famous or important in your field. Instead, connect with them because you like their work, respect them, and believe that they can help you broaden your connections.

Real networking is about finding mutual relationships. You get help from other people as you lend them help too!

The first step in networking should be about making a list of relevant, active and popular blogs. The number of blogs you might find depends on your niche. For instance, a popular niche, such as technology or fashion, might have many blogs that you can connect to, while a less popular topic might have fewer blogs to network with.

You can start your list by looking into these websites to find relevant blogs for you:

After making a list, prepare to talk to these bloggers. Introduce yourself first. You can contact them via the email address listed on their site or contact form.networking

When you create your introductory message, be direct to the point and state who you are. Talk about how your blog shares a niche with theirs. You can even include the URL to your blog in the message or in your signature. If you like the other bloggers’ post, ask for permission to link to it.

Before you even ask other bloggers to help you by linking their site to yours, make the first move. You can find appropriate posts to link to if you subscribe to all the blogs that you listed. If you find one that you like, write a relevant post, share your opinion about the topic, and provide a link to the other blogger’s post.

Always remember that links to quality, relevant posts will help your readers and your ranking. It’s wrong to assume that doing so will ruin your Google Page Rank or traffic. On the contrary, your readers will surely love you for pointing them to other valuable articles through the external links.

Aside from linking to the other bloggers in your network, you can also help them by referring other people to their site or blog, nominating them for an award, recommending them for an interview, or sharing their posts on social media. These actions will prove that you are their friend, hence the start of a good relationship.pexels-photo-886465.jpeg

Now, taking care of good relationships will surely pay off in terms of getting them to do a favor for you. For one, you can ask them to share your best content to their audience. Choose your killer articles for this purpose.

However, it’s wrong to beg them for a link. Just casually mention that you have an article that they might like. With a straight forward message, the other bloggers might read your article. If they like it, they won’t hesitate to link to it. But if they don’t, it means that you need to put in more work to create compelling articles that will easily earn the links of the other bloggers in your network.

Other ways to forge connections with you blogging peers include joining Blogging Facebook groups, following bloggers on Twitter and Instagram, and reading and commenting on blogs that you come across.

To forge relationships with the people already reading your content it is all about communication. Reply to comments that your readers leave on your posts. Genuinely consider any suggestions that they might make, answer questions that they ask. Follow people back who follow your blog or follow you on social media. Ask your followers questions to answer in the comment section. Let your readers know that they matter to you.

What do you think readers? Did I leave anything out? Is there anything more you would want me to do to connect better with you? Tell me in the comments!

And don’t forget to read the Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday article!

Be sure to come back tomorrow! I will teach you how to market and promote your blog.

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