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Leadership and Professional Development through Preparation

Hello Femmetrepreneurs! Thirsty for Coffee Thursday is here. Grab a coffee refill and pexels-photo-302899.jpeglet’s get down to the business of Leadership and Professional Development through Preparation.

365 days each year, many people spend most of their time running around and making sure, they did not leave anything out. Throughout their busy schedule, they spend much of their time consumed in thinking about what they are going to do after work, trying to find a piece of paper that they thought was in their briefcase, and driving back to their house for the snack they forgot to bring to the kids’ practice. They are reminding themselves that they need to do the laundry or wondering what they’re going to for cook dinner. They are searching their office for the sticky note they wrote their next appointment’s information on. Now, statistically speaking, if 3000 people, 365 days each week spent 8 hours in a day thinking about things other than the task they are supposed to be working on -16,653.125 estimated wasted time spent each day on something they have no control over at the time. Since we have over 5.5 billion people in the world, this figure is actually exponentially even larger.

If even half of the 3000 people spent more time focusing on their jobs at hand it would also create more available time for these individuals to do something that is positive or constructive.

This leads us to see the importance of preparing. Preparation helps us to save time and money by allowing us to stay focused on what we need to accomplish. Let’s see how it can save us time by preparing and focusing on what we need to do. Take the same example above. Per se, 3000 people each day head off to work and during work, their main focus is centered on what they need to finish first. The estimated amount of time saved each day – 16,653.125 plus 16,653.125 = 333, 062.5 and you would calculate half this figure, multiplying it because additional time would be saved by the 3000 people completing their tasks in a timely manner. Thus, time is added to this picture and money is saved. This would equal about 66 million minutes of time saved in each year. Wow!

Now, if you prepared you could add some more time saved on to this figure, which means that your boss (or your clients) would love you and you would likely get a raise and promotion (or more future business from your very pleased client).

During this time that you have saved you could focus on improving your skills and professional development or focus on growing and improving your business in new and exciting ways.

Since each of us is different, it is up to you individually to figure out how you can each be best prepared for each day ahead of you. Of course, you can’t expect to be able to anticipate every situation that you will encounter each day. Life is a little too random for that. However, by being better prepared for the ones that are foreseeable will allow us to save time and prevent stress.

Preparing is one of the biggest secrets of Time Management, and it is different than just planning your day. Planning is the scheduling but preparing is the action part of getting ready. It is doing your homework and ensuring that you are ready to tackle your daily tasks.

Preparing, by doing your homework:

  • Appointments – gathering the necessary items.  Ever show up to the doctor or DMV without all your paperwork?
  • Meetings – Reading the agenda and reviewing documents in advance.   You will find your meetings are more productive and shorter in length.
  • Tasks – Ensuring you have the items required to complete.  You will not try to do a task only to discover that the information you need is sitting on your desk at home.

Some simple things you can do to prepare for your day:

  • Make you lunch the night before.
  • Rehearse your presentation
  • Review your calendar and To-Do List the night before – Identify your most important tasks
  • Lay out the nonperishable ingredient you will need to make dinner.
  • Check you planner and confirm appointments at the start of your day.
  • Have your notes and thoughts that you want to address in the meeting written down and prepared before the meeting starts.
  • Visualize your day before you even step foot out of bed.
  • Research necessary information for an upcoming meeting, appointment, or presentation

Getting ready for your day will not only increase your efficiency, but also reduce stress.  Planning is good. Preparing is better. Being prepared for anything is a sign of a good and organized leader. The more prepared and organized you are the more reliable and dependable you will be. This will lead to greater respect for yourself as a business woman and a leader in your work environment.

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