Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday – Hannah Stenson

Happy Friday, Femmetrepreneurs! I hope this week has been another profitable and productive one for you.

This week’s Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday Femmetastic Femmetrepreneur is Hannah Stenson with Rebuilding Foundations.


Hannah Stenson is the owner and operator of Rebuilding Foundation where she helps individuals build a solid professional foundation. She is a Human Resources educator and coach who actually enjoys interviews! Interview strategy, interview prep, teaching the theory behind interview questions, how to ace a phone screen, interview mindset work, how to clean up your resume, post-interview debriefs, the basics of LinkedIn, and diving into your work personality type are just some examples of different education or coaching sessions that Ms. Stenson offers individuals who come to her for help at Rebuilding Foundations. Along with helping people get the job or promotion they are seeking, Hannah also teaches business owners how to interview candidates, how to create a great interview process, and she offers interviewing and candidate screening services as well.

When asked why she got into the HR business, Hannah replied, “There is so much information, and often times bad information, about how to interview, how to make a resume, etc. I love to introduce the basics, create a solid foundation, and watch each person grow from there. Interviews should not be this unknown, scary thing. You can walk into an interview prepared with an arsenal of excellent interview answers, a killer resume, and a clear vision of what the interviewer needs from you – and I can help with that. I want people to have wild success in their life, and for many, that starts with their career.”

Before starting Rebuilding Foundation in August of 2017, Hannah Stenson got her Human Resources Management degree from Baylor (where she also met her husband). She has continuously worked in the HR field since 2015. She worked for two Fortune 50 companies and a luxury car dealership as well as consulted on projects for entrepreneurs, a large hospital, an insurance group, a tech startup, and many individual professionals. After conducting hundreds of interviews, Ms. Stenson repeatedly saw well qualified people fail to get the job they interviewed for due to fixable mistakes that they made during the interview process. It was this realization that led her to create her own HR coaching business.

In the future Ms. Stenson want to create more businesses. She says, “I love creating and setting them [businesses] up as well as meeting all the new clients. My next project is a feminine health physical-product-based company.”

Boundaries are what Hannah names as her biggest obstacle as an entrepreneur. She quotes Brene Brown saying “’daring to set boundaries is having the courage to love ourselves.’ When you are a young, female professional often times people will disregard your experience. Be kind, but never second guess your skills.”

Ms. Stenson offers this advice for women looking to start their own business:

“Make a plan and find someone to keep you accountable. Procrastination and not meeting your goals is completely avoidable. Always be ethical- in how your business operates, how much you pay your employees/ contractors, how you gain a following… trust is so easy to break, and nothing is worth compromising for. Surround yourself with other business owners and share your knowledge. Almost everything can be found with the right Google search so save someone the time and answer the question. Keep a list to see how far you have come. Often, we forget that we started at zero, and it makes a great motivator for the hard days to see how far you have come.”

When Hannah isn’t busy coaching people for their dream job interview she enjoys cooking and baking. She also loves yellow flowers, dinosaurs, and drinking a cold margarita while munching on chips and salsa. She also dreams of owning a Doodle puppy one day.

Her Favorite Motivational Quote Is:

Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose this life, you did not settle for it.

Learn more about Rebuilding Foundations at rebuildingfoundations.com

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Keep being Femmestastic, Femmes! And remember when we work together, we succeed together.

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