alicia kee oil thyme femmetrepreneurs spotlight friday

Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday – Alicia Kee

Happy Friday, Femmebabes! I hope you have had a great week! Did you have the opportunity to participate in the Boss Babe Societe Giveaway? Check it out here!

This week’s Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday Femmetastic Femmetrepreneur is Alicia Kee with Oil Thyme.

alicia kee oil thyme femmetrepreneurs spotlight friday

Alicia Kee started her essential oil business one and half years ago. She began her business with the goal of helping others live a toxic free lifestyle. Oil Thyme is a community for people who want to live healthier lives. At Oil Thyme, Ms. Kee helps families evaluate their health needs and replace toxic items with essential oils. She wants families to be educated and able to be their own health advocates. The Oil Thyme motto is “There is always Thyme for Oils.”

Ms. Kee decided to go into business for herself because she has the same goal that many of us do: to be financially free. She has found that in this journey as a business woman her greatest obstacle has been not being taken seriously.

Before starting Oil Thyme, Alicia attended Humboldt State University where she received a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology with an emphasis in Marine Fisheries.

Ms. Kee lives with her daughter and son. She says, “Though our family is small, we have created a family with friends that have come into our lives.” When she isn’t working Alicia enjoys watching movies, playing volleyball, and participating in roller derby. In her life she has had the opportunity to study in Baja, Mexico and swim with whale sharks.

“Do it!” Ms Kee says when asked what advice she has for women who want to break into the business world. “It might be scary at first but completely worth it in the end. Find others to grow with, most of the time family and friends will hold you back to ‘protect’ you.”

Her favorite motivational quote or mantra is:

“Everything happens for a reason.”

You can learn more about Oil Thyme:




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