kristen williams rodan fields femmetrepreneurs spotlight friday

Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday – Kristen Williams

Happy Friday, Femmebabes! It’s time again for a Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday!

This week’s Femmetastic Femmetrepreneur is Kristen Williams with Rodan + Fields.

kristen williams rodan fields femmetrepreneurs spotlight friday

Kristen Williams decided to become a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant because of her own experiences with sensitive skin. “I have had extremely sensitive skin my whole life. When I found the Soothe Regimen, through Rodan and Fields, and saw what it did for my skin, I knew I needed to share the products with everyone I know.”

Kristen and her mother went into business together selling Rodan + Fields products almost two years ago. Kristen calls her mother and her grandparents “my whole world.” She says, “They are the ones who raised me and have helped me through almost every obstacle in my life.”

Her personal and business goals are intertwined right now. “I would love to grow the Rodan + Fields business so I can retire myself and my mom within the next five years. By getting to this point I will be able to focus on my passions in life.”

Before starting her Rodan + Fields company Ms. Williams attended the University of North Florida where she received a Communications degree with an emphasis on Public Relations. She also works weather and catastrophe claims for a major insurance company and runs a blog called Touch of Sparkle.

Ms. Williams says that the greatest obstacle she has faced going into business for herself is people not believing she can achieve success with Rodan + Fields. “They look at it as another multi-level marketing scheme and you can fail at any time.”

She offers this piece of advice for women who want to start their own business:

“My advice for women who want to break into the business world is to start now. There will never be a right moment, there will never be a big flashing sign telling you to start now, you just need to go outside of your comfort zone and begin your adventure.”

In her free time Kristen enjoys running, traveling, shopping, and finding new adventures. Kristen, who was born in Germany, calls herself a foodie and a lover of all things sparkly. She also admits to being a little Disney obsessed.

Her favorite Motivational Quote is:

“You are about to become everything they feared you would be.”

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