Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday – Jeconda Arnold

Happy Friday, Femmebabes! I hope you have had a great week! After a brief hiatus we are back with Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday.

This week’s Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday Femmetastic Femmetrepreneur is Jeconda Arnold with Nerium International & Pruvit Ventures.

Jeconda FSF

Jeconda Arnold is a Petroleum Engineer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart. She’s always had a passion for helping others achieve greatness. Optimal health is something everyone holds dear and strives to achieve. A healthy body, healthy skin, healthy mind, a healthly living; these are all things Ms. Arnold can help people accomplish. Ms. Arnold got started with Pruvit in February 2017 and Nerium in February 2018. She has a true passion to cultivate and challenge others to meet their full potential. Through Pruvit and Nerium Jeconda Arnold can do just that. She says, “When people love themselves, they are their best selves and that is when they are free to fully shine and do the amazing things they are meant to in the world. I believe that bringing out the best in people will guarantee success 100% of the time. The reason I chose these products to promote is simply because of results.”

Ms. Arnold had looked for years for a weight loss, lifestyle solution – tried product after product without results. When she finally tried Keto-os by Pruvit she received the results she desired. “I’ve always struggled with my weight and once I found a solution I knew I had to share with others the life changing results this product provides. I went from a size 18 to a size 8 and still trucking, no more anxiety meds and zero heart burn.”

Jeconda found Nerium the same way – trying product after product with no results and not getting any younger until she tried the Nerium Products. “After two weeks I knew these products were the real deal, and I had to share them with the world.” Nerium offers an advanced anti-aging skin care line that is best in its class. Real results, real people, real business model from a company who encourages everyone to live happy.

When she isn’t helping people improve their health and lives, she enjoys spending time with her family. She met her husband Josh in Lafayette, LA although their parents only live 15 minutes from each other in Ohio. Jeconda and Josh got married in 2009. Like many other families, they found themselves struggling with infertility issues. They were blessed with the opportunity to adopt their beautiful baby boy in December 2016. His name is Sutton Joshua and at 16-months-old he has brought so much love and joy to their lives. The Arnold family also consists of a fur baby named Bruiser. Bruiser is a 7-year-old beagle dog / escape artist. He likes to run and does so every chance he gets.

Jeconda also enjoys spending time with her friends, golfing, listening to music, attending concerts, and singing her butt off. Ms. Jeconda Arnold admits she isn’t very good at golf or singing, “but, man, it’s fun!” She also has the claim to fame for taking third place in a hot wing eating contest. She ate 30 wings in 7 minutes. “I still love hot wings. Well, anything really hot.”

Currently her business and personal goals are to build residual income through real estate, network marketing, and potential franchise opportunities.

The greatest obstacle that Ms. Arnold has faced as an entrepreneur and business woman has been “finding a support system and believing in yourself when not everyone else does.”

Ms. Jeconda Arnold has the following advice for women who want to get into the business world and become entrepreneurs:

“Never stop growing. Build strong relationships. Be authentic. Ask yourself ‘What are the small things you can start doing today to make you better tomorrow and get you closer to where you want to be?'”

Her favorite motivational quotes and mantras are:

“If you have to choose between being kind and being right, choose being kind and you will always be right”

“Be You, Be True, Love what You Do”

“Be the reason someone smiles today”

You can learn more about Jeconda Arnold, Nerium, Keto, and Pruvit here:






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