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Leadership and Professional Growth through Lifelong Learning

You may mistakenly believe that your education ends when you graduate from high school or college, but a person who wants to be their best personally and professionally should never stop learning and growing. Education may maximize our potential to find better, more satisfying jobs, earn more and, perhaps, become more successful in our chosen career. However, ‘schooling’ is only one type of learning. There are many other opportunities to further your knowledge and develop the skills you need throughout life. Knowledge can be acquired, and skill-sets developed anywhere – learning is unavoidable and happens all the time. However, lifelong learning is about creating and maintaining a positive attitude to learning both for personal and professional development.

The world is changing at an incredibly fast pace, and your degree is unlikely to give you all the knowledge and skills you need. To develop their careers, professionals are expected to continue gaining skills and growing professionally throughout their lives. Lifelong learning is the best tool to help professionals achieve these goals.

For example, if you work with any kind of technology (which most of us do because everything is run by computers and tablets these days) you must frequently stay updated on the latest programs, gadgets, and techniques as new products come to market. Many businesses around the world are encouraging employees to develop technology skills. Most companies these days require that you have at most minimal skills in technology and some basic knowledge of computers. Those that do not have these skills often fall in the cracks on the lower employment scale.

Librarians are an example of people geared up for success and lifelong learning. Often these people continue learning by studying, reading, and referencing. Each day the librarian collects information, organizes the text, preserves the books, and continue to supply assess to the public to gain knowledge and information. This is one of the most fulfilling missions. Librarians will preserve important records of culture, which is handed down to proceeding generations. Libraries offer a stream of communication by passing along history, future, and present knowledge and information. Librarians often govern, learn, play, and work on a balanced structure.

We can learn from the librarian by building some of these qualities. Possessing these skills and qualities will inspire professional growth on a balanced scale. Experience, learning, and success go hand in hand.

What Is Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is the process of gaining valuable skills and knowledge throughout your life. Many individuals choose to continue their education for personal development as they see it as a way to reach their full potential, while for others it’s a great way to take their career to the next level.

Lifelong learning is a broad definition that covers any type of learning experience which can occur at any moment. It’s flexible and shaped by how each individual wants to embrace the experience. Many people find it beneficial when they are changing careers, while others find it as a great way to gain promotions.

Lifelong learners are motivated to learn and develop because they want to: it is a deliberate and voluntary act.

Lifelong learning can enhance our understanding of the world around us, provide us with more and better opportunities and improve our quality of life.

There are two main reasons for learning throughout life: for personal development and for professional development.  These reasons may not necessarily be distinct as personal development can improve your employment opportunities and professional development can enable personal growth.

Learning for its own sake brings its own advantages. For example, learning in whatever context:

  • Boosts our confidence and self-esteem
  • Makes us more adaptable to change
  • Helps us achieve a more satisfying personal life
  • Challenges our ideas and beliefs
  • Can be fun

Learning for Personal Development

There does not need to be a specific reason for learning since learning for the sake of learning can in itself be a rewarding experience.

There is a common view that continuous learning and having an active mind throughout life may delay or halt the progress of some forms of dementia. Keeping the brain active can prevent you from becoming bored and thus enable a more fulfilling life at any age. Anything that you are interested in provides you with an opportunity to learn more, whether it is a hobby like knitting, or a passion like love for history, or skills required for work.

There are, of course, many reasons why people learn for personal development.

  • You may want to increase your knowledge or skills around a particular hobby or pastime that you enjoy.
  • Perhaps you want to develop some entirely new skill that will in some way enhance your life – take a pottery, car maintenance, or cooking course, for example.
  • Perhaps you want to research a medical condition or your ancestry.
  • Perhaps you’re planning a trip and want to learn more about the history and culture of your destination.
  • Maybe you will decide to take a degree course later in life simply because you enjoy your chosen subject and the challenges of academic study.

Learning for Professional Development

Our capacity to earn is directly related to our willingness to learn. Being well-educated is not necessarily the key to employment. Although qualifications may get you an interview, actually getting the job can take a lot more. Employers are looking for well-balanced people with transferable skills. This includes the ability to be able to demonstrate that you are keen to learn and develop.

If you do find yourself unemployed then use the time wisely. Learning something new can pay-off with new opportunities which might not otherwise have arisen.

While you are employed, take advantage of training, coaching or mentoring opportunities and work on your continuous professional development as you will likely become better at what you do and more indispensable to your current or future employer.

Putting the time in for extra learning brings its own rewards.

It means we can get more personal satisfaction from our lives and jobs as we understand more about who we are and what we do. This can lead to better results and a more rewarding working day in turn.  If you choose to learn about another complementary sector, this enables opportunities to specialize and potentially earn more or move to a connected industry.  In turn this gives us wider experience on which to build our knowledge and more transferable skills in readiness for your next move.

From a financial point of view, a more highly skilled and knowledgeable worker is an asset to any company and can lead to faster promotion with associated salary increases.

Someone who can offer more expertise will be of more value not just to employers but also to customers.  Expertise is also, often, a key quality of an effective leader.

If you are frustrated with your job, continuing to hone your skills will make it easier to find new ways out of a potentially stressful work situation. Keeping an open mind to learning and giving yourself room for flexibility is key to job satisfaction.  Furthermore, potentially staying ahead of competitors for jobs by being more experienced or knowledgeable can give you an edge.

Lifelong Learning Benefits

Continuing your education can be very beneficial for your career whether you are doing it to advance your skills or advance your career. It’s important to carefully consider what you can and would like to do because what you learn can have an enormous impact on your career.

Some of the benefits of lifelong learning include:

  1. Helps You Keep Your Job: Showing an interest in the latest developments in your field won’t just make you look good, it will also help convince your employer that you know what you are doing, that you can be trusted, and that you are motivated and interested in being the best in your field.
  2. Advances Your Skills: Technology forever changed many professions, and as technology is frequently changing, there’s always something new to learn in your field. But, there is more than technology that you can learn. Depending on what profession you are in there are also new skills, techniques, laws, etc that you can learn.
  3. Motivates You: Learning new things can help you regain interest in your job and can boost your self-confidence. These are essential in helping you be a more productive and happier employee.

Types of Continuing Education

Learning for professional development can be broken down into two basic categories: going back to university and online learning courses.

If you return to college you could go for your graduate degree, but if you are thinking of changing careers you might also want to consider going back for an undergraduate degree; especially if your target career requires an entirely different skillset. Most universities now offer their degrees online as well, so you could do your degree via distant learning if physically going back to school is not an option.

Online learning courses are more specific and they generally take less time to complete. Although there are hundreds of online options, if you are the type who likes to be in a classroom when learning or requires hands on learning, the online option might not work for you.

Going Back to University

Going back to university may seem like a crazy idea, especially if you are still repaying your student loans from your first time in school. But, there’s much to be gained from advancing your skills through university education.


  • Increases your earning potential
  • Teaches you specialist knowledge
  • Enhances your sense of accomplishment
  • Increases your networking opportunities
  • Helps you develop personally
How to Do It

There’s a good chance that you’ll face a few obstacles with returning to school. One is the issue of funding as postgraduate degrees can be quite costly, and the other is the issue of time; gaining a degree requires dedication and energy, and if you are working full-time it can seem impossible to combine the two. But everything can be achieved with proper planning.

If funding is your biggest concern, you may want to consider talking to your employer or taking advantage of other sponsorship opportunities. If on the other hand, time is your biggest concern you might want to consider the part-time route as although it will take longer, it won’t require your constant dedication.

Online Learning Courses

Online learning courses are a great option for professionals who continuously try to improve themselves. They are less time consuming, require less commitment and can still help you advance your career.

What’s more, online classes can teach you practical skills that can directly benefit your career as you can choose what you want to learn. If you’ve identified a few areas that you are simply not up-to-date with, you can select the appropriate class to take.


  • Variety of subjects
  • Lower total cost
  • Learning from the comfort of your own home
  • More flexible schedule
  • Can help you gain lots of skills and increase your career advancement opportunities
How to Do It

Online classes can be an effective solution if you don’t have the time or the money to go back to university.  There are plenty of websites that offer online courses either for free or minimal fee (ex: LinkedIn Learning). They don’t require as much commitment as generally classes have a fixed time-frame and usually only take up to a few months.


Lifelong learning is a unique way to advance your skills, and it can also assist you in becoming more motivated in the workplace. It’s important for all professionals to find a way to fit lifelong learning into their lives as it’s an essential tool in every professional’s career.

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Leadership and Professional Growth through Purpose

Happy Friday, Femmetastic Femmes! I hope you had a chance to read Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday. Supporting each other in our work and celebrating our successes together is what the Femmetrepreneur Community is all about. That’s why we say, “When we work together, we succeed together.”

Today we are continuing our series on Leadership and Professional Growth. Today’s topic being Purpose.

Life requires that we continue learning. Some of the most important learning happens when we look inside of ourselves. We make incredible discoveries when we look into our own minds and emotions. For example, our perception of the world and the way we react to situations stems from our experiences in the past, and from the knowledge that we gained from those experiences. All that information is stored deep inside our minds. We analyze our own minds we can make new discoveries, develop ideas, and come up with solutions that can be used for professional growth. pexels-photo-724994.jpeg
From the time of our birth, we wander through the developmental phases drifting in an out. It seems to become an aimless journey that drifts us into the stream of confusion. Many people stay within these boundaries.

Instead of being stuck all your life, climb out and see what the world has to offer you and what you have to offer the world.

Our inner self has all the answers we need to find the pathway to a life outside the boundaries and one of these pathways is Purpose. If you are willing to take the adventure inside the mind you can discover your life’s purpose.

We can discover Purpose by meditating, self-examining, or self-exploring.

During your meditation and self-exploration ask yourself the following:

  • What drives you?pexels-photo-268092.jpeg
  • What energizes you?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice for?
  • Who do you want to help?
  • How do you want to help?
  • What do you love to do?
  • When are you most happy?
  • What do you most value?


Finding your life purpose is a life-long journey. It’s okay to take it one step at a time. It’s normal to pause and reevaluate regularly. And it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Nothing worth doing is easy, and this will not always be easy.

You will encounter frustrations and challenges along the way. Some days, you’ll throw your hands up in the air in defeat. But often times on the journey to find our purpose, we often miraculously stumble into it. We find that we have somehow been acting out our purpose all along.

I feel that my life’s purpose is to help others through love, encouragement, and entertainment. I discovered this was my purpose after I had already began writing and blogging. I entertain people through my books. I encourage and express my love for my audience and friends through my blog posts and social media posts. One thing I do for example, is a Buddy Check 22. It is for my fellow veterans and active duty military members. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day, so on the 22nd of each month I tag my friends in a post reminding them that I care about them and are there for them every day. Your purpose in life can be lived with activities as simple as that.

But why is it important to find your purpose? And what does it have to do with business?

There is a thing called alignment. Alignment, when speaking about life, is the state when your thoughts, feelings, and actions are all working toward the same goal. Your actions fully support your intentions.pexels-photo-694133.jpeg

Therefore, to live a happy and successful life it is best to live in a state of alignment – where everything is working together for the same goal. Which means, finding your purpose and applying it to your business life can help you live in a state of alignment. For example:

If your purpose is to heal people, you would be living out of alignment if you were a professional boxer. Instead of healing you would be hurting someone.

But, if your purpose is to heal and you got a job as a nurse or a doctor, then you would be living in alignment.

Knowing your purpose and living your purpose in your business life will be more rewarding than if your work is in contradiction to your purpose.

So, do some self-assessment. If you are not happy at your job or running your business, ask yourself if it is aligned with your purpose. Do you know your purpose? If not, time to figure it out.

Here are some books on the topic of Purpose and Alignment:

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Leadership and Professional Development through Preparation

Hello Femmetrepreneurs! Thirsty for Coffee Thursday is here. Grab a coffee refill and pexels-photo-302899.jpeglet’s get down to the business of Leadership and Professional Development through Preparation.

365 days each year, many people spend most of their time running around and making sure, they did not leave anything out. Throughout their busy schedule, they spend much of their time consumed in thinking about what they are going to do after work, trying to find a piece of paper that they thought was in their briefcase, and driving back to their house for the snack they forgot to bring to the kids’ practice. They are reminding themselves that they need to do the laundry or wondering what they’re going to for cook dinner. They are searching their office for the sticky note they wrote their next appointment’s information on. Now, statistically speaking, if 3000 people, 365 days each week spent 8 hours in a day thinking about things other than the task they are supposed to be working on -16,653.125 estimated wasted time spent each day on something they have no control over at the time. Since we have over 5.5 billion people in the world, this figure is actually exponentially even larger.

If even half of the 3000 people spent more time focusing on their jobs at hand it would also create more available time for these individuals to do something that is positive or constructive.

This leads us to see the importance of preparing. Preparation helps us to save time and money by allowing us to stay focused on what we need to accomplish. Let’s see how it can save us time by preparing and focusing on what we need to do. Take the same example above. Per se, 3000 people each day head off to work and during work, their main focus is centered on what they need to finish first. The estimated amount of time saved each day – 16,653.125 plus 16,653.125 = 333, 062.5 and you would calculate half this figure, multiplying it because additional time would be saved by the 3000 people completing their tasks in a timely manner. Thus, time is added to this picture and money is saved. This would equal about 66 million minutes of time saved in each year. Wow!

Now, if you prepared you could add some more time saved on to this figure, which means that your boss (or your clients) would love you and you would likely get a raise and promotion (or more future business from your very pleased client).

During this time that you have saved you could focus on improving your skills and professional development or focus on growing and improving your business in new and exciting ways.

Since each of us is different, it is up to you individually to figure out how you can each be best prepared for each day ahead of you. Of course, you can’t expect to be able to anticipate every situation that you will encounter each day. Life is a little too random for that. However, by being better prepared for the ones that are foreseeable will allow us to save time and prevent stress.

Preparing is one of the biggest secrets of Time Management, and it is different than just planning your day. Planning is the scheduling but preparing is the action part of getting ready. It is doing your homework and ensuring that you are ready to tackle your daily tasks.

Preparing, by doing your homework:

  • Appointments – gathering the necessary items.  Ever show up to the doctor or DMV without all your paperwork?
  • Meetings – Reading the agenda and reviewing documents in advance.   You will find your meetings are more productive and shorter in length.
  • Tasks – Ensuring you have the items required to complete.  You will not try to do a task only to discover that the information you need is sitting on your desk at home.

Some simple things you can do to prepare for your day:

  • Make you lunch the night before.
  • Rehearse your presentation
  • Review your calendar and To-Do List the night before – Identify your most important tasks
  • Lay out the nonperishable ingredient you will need to make dinner.
  • Check you planner and confirm appointments at the start of your day.
  • Have your notes and thoughts that you want to address in the meeting written down and prepared before the meeting starts.
  • Visualize your day before you even step foot out of bed.
  • Research necessary information for an upcoming meeting, appointment, or presentation

Getting ready for your day will not only increase your efficiency, but also reduce stress.  Planning is good. Preparing is better. Being prepared for anything is a sign of a good and organized leader. The more prepared and organized you are the more reliable and dependable you will be. This will lead to greater respect for yourself as a business woman and a leader in your work environment.

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Leadership and Professional Growth through Time Management

Leadership and Professional Growth through Time Management

Happy Hump Day, Femmetrepreneurs! I hope you enjoyed our previous blog series all about Blogging. And did you have a chance to try out the Power Lead System we covered yesterday in the Product of the Week segment? Today we are starting our new blog series on Leadership and Professional Growth, starting with Time Management.

Time is essentially valuable to us all. We want to learn how to use our time wisely by cutting back some of the things that only hold us back from finishing other duties. Therefore, it is wise to start working toward professional growth by setting up a time management plan. The better your time management, the more effective and productive you will be. The time management plan will give you insight and knowledge that you can use to make progress and eventually prepare, organize, and set up an effective time management schedule.

How to set up a time management plan:

First, we are going to take stock of how we are currently spending our time. I want you to break everything down and make a journal or list as you answer these questions. Think about your daily duties. Think about what you do when you finish your tasks. Next, think about what you do when you are not managing your projects. How much time do you spend on these tasks and duties? How much of your time is spent handling a single task? How much time do spend working in total? How much time do you spend sleeping? How much time to you spend on entertainment? What about activities or family time? And how much time to do you spend mingling with friends?

Once you have finished answering each question, sit down and reflect on your answers. Make sure that you write them down where you can review your notes later. Once you have finished reflecting on your answers, take some time to go over your notes.

Now, make a list of your things to do. Write down the time you spend on each task. Record the time you spend outside of work with family, friends and entertainment. Continue until you have calculated how much time in 24 hours each day is spent on a single action.

Use your list. You want to cutback on time, so make sure that you mark on your list the most important tasks you must complete each day. How much time can you save by managing one project at a given time? How can you clear up time by preparing for the project ahead of time?

Continue, until you have a well-written list of, to do tasks, which are most important. Each day take care of your most important duties first. Prepare before you start. Keep your desk clear of clutter so that you are sufficient prepared to finish your major task in a timely manner. Have your accessories, such as pens, paper, paperclips and other items handy. This will cutback some time, since you will not be looking around for them or trying to work around clutter. After you finish your major task, start working through your list until you complete each task.

Monitor your time spent per task without allowing it to interfere with your responsibilities. Use a timer. With each task finished, record the time you spent working on the task. At the end of each day take some time to see if you managed the project in a timely way, or if you could find other ways to cutback on time by finishing the task sooner. Stay focused while you work through create your time management schedule. Take each step slowly, yet progressively so that you are effectively capable of cutting back time.

Next, move to your home. What do you do once you arrive home? Do you spend hours watching television? Do you spend time with family and friends while putting off other responsibilities? Try this…when you come home, do your chores first. Get the household responsibilities taking care of and then spend some time with your family. Have a nice family dinner with each of you seated around the table. Spend time communicating. Find out how each family members day went.

Once you are finished, you may want to relax. Spend an hour watching television with your family and then get your “next day,” clothing and ideas prepared. Take the set of clothes you intend to wear the following day out of your closet and sit them somewhere where you can get to them quickly in the morning.


Continue to monitor and take stock of the way you are managing your time until you feel you have found the right balance and time management schedule that works best for you and the life that you want to live. This should be a schedule that allows you to be effective and productive at work while still allowing you the rest and relaxation time you need for self-care, family, friends, and entertainment outside of work.

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Product of the Week: Power Lead System

Hello, Femmes! Happy Tuesday to you! Today we are starting a new weekly blog series called Product of the Week. Once a week we will be telling you about a product that can help your online business in some way. Either another way to make money online, a way to get more traffic, or create content, etc.

This week’s Product is Power Lead System.power lead system product of the week make money online

What is Power Lead System?

Power Lead System is a platform that makes it simple for anyone to create lead capture pages (squeeze pages) with conversion tracking, start an email autoresponder list, run a live webinar, and create a sales page, along with much more like voice and text messaging. Power Lead System is also marketing training product with an affiliate program. It teaches people how to earn traffic and promote affiliate links through various platforms.

Power Lead System Affiliate members are entitled to the weekly marketing webinars. Webinars are excellent for learning how to promote affiliate programs because you can usually ask questions at the end of the webinar.

The Power Lead System is simple and straight forward to set up.


Who is Power Lead System Intended For?

If you have a business you need Power Lead System. Whether you have small local power lead system back officebusiness and want a way to build a list and offer goodies to your customers on a professional looking site, or you are involved in direct sales, MLM, or especially online affiliate programs, this system can work for you. In fact, the back office is set up so that you can select your business from 100’s businesses already listed and have a custom autoresponder email campaign created instantly.

Whether you’re an online marketing virgin or experienced with list-building, you’ll find the ease of using their professional lead-capture pages refreshing.


Does Power Lead System work? power lead system info

I know there are a lot of lead capture page creators out there that you can use, and a lot of webinar hosting platforms, but unless you’re using PLS, you’re either going to add another big monthly bill and complicated system to your toolbox, or you’ll be stuck in techie geek purgatory trying to figure out how to set up WordPress hosting, install the plugin, make sure it’s compatible and working properly with your WP theme, and then finally get around to designing a lead capture page.

With Power Lead System, you simply log in and create a new page. (Easy-Peasy!) You can either choose from a huge selection of templates, which will often even integrate with your company’s replicated sales pages, or you can build your own. Conversion tracking happens automatically! No need to sign up for yet another service.

The autoresponder works similarly, and the great thing is that it is integrated into the lead capture page system. It’s simple and eliminates the need for yet another monthly subscription. (Who needs another one?)

(If you already have AWeber or GetResponse set up, you can integrate those systems pretty easily also and have the option to collect leads in PLS as a backup.)

What if I don’t have a business?

If you’re looking at Power Lead System as a business opportunity to stand on its own, you’re in luck. This is a product and service you can offer that will also be a legitimate way to make money online. There is a generous compensation plan built into the program that allows you to create incredible leverage with your income, especially when you have all of the products.

Heck, there’s even a FREE lead system you can give away to get people started!

power lead system computer

What Training Does Power Lead System Offer?

When you’re a Gold member (Silver + affiliate), you immediately receive the Endless Free Leads 11.0 training system ($297 value). This reveals how to grow a massive network on Facebook and get incredible exposure. The step by step directions are simple for people who are brand new to Facebook to follow, and also have tips that experienced marketers will benefit from employing.

The tactics work and will help you WIN the online marketing game.

Beyond the Endless Free Leads system, the Silver and Gold membership levels offer training on a wide variety of other marketing approaches for online and offline marketing.

Master Traffic Academy

  • Free for Silver and Gold Members
  • Facebook, PPC, and Unlimited Exposure training for results.

Weekly Live Training

  • 2x/week live training webinars to learn how to market online, use your PLS tools, and grow a business.


PLS makes additional products available for a one-time investment.

These will equip you with additional skills and ways to earn. You may use these skills as a local business consultant to help other business owners grow online or use them

Diamond Level – Free Ad Secrets

When you purchase the Diamond Level training, it is a one time investment which also enables you to earn leveraged commissions.

This training has innovative ways to reach mass markets for FREE and grow your business exponentially. If you’re doing any sort of marketing, or haven’t started yet, this training lays out how to increase your exposure and reach more prospects fast.

Platinum Level – Social Profit Academy

This is high level Facebook ad training that will enable you to learn more about Facebook and how to promote any program you desire.

Power VIP Club

Expand your social media reach to professionals, millennials, and retail buyers with CPA (cost per action), Youtube, Snapchat, and Facebook, and remarketing. No matter what niche you’re in, these training sessions will help you generate more leads, sales, and get to the heart of your target market.

So what are you waiting for? Try Power Lead System and start making money with lead capture pages and email marketing!


try power lead system-945-35002_1


make money from your blog femmetrepreneurs blog

Make Money From Your Blog

Hello Femmetastic Femmetrepreneurs! We’ve reached the blog post you have been waiting for since we started the Blogging series.make money blogging

How do I make money with my blog? That’s what you all want to know, right?

If you have given your blog the proper promotional treatment, it will likely give you the income that you need.


Establish Authority First

Before you even start focusing on earning money out of your blogs, make sure to establish the following things first:establish authority blogging

  • Great content
  • Good traffic
  • An authority figure in your niche
  • A loyal following
  • A blog design suitable for ads


Many bloggers often ask whether to start with zero ads or to introduce some to their audience right at the start. But the decision is entirely up to you.

If you keep your blog ads-free at first, you might turn off some readers when you introduce them later.

If you also choose to post ads right from the start, this will show your audience that you intend to monetize your blog. This will also help you explore your revenue sources. However, this might limit your traffic since there are readers who don’t want to see ads cluttered on the blogs that they’re going to read.

But the bottom line is to establish your authority as an expert in your niche first by posting great content. You can worry about money later.


Earn from CPM Ads

CPM is cost per mille, wherein you can earn for every 1,000 impressions left on the ads.

Some popular CPM networks include Uber CPM, AdBuff, Media.net, and BuySellAds.

Most CPM banners found in blogs are the 300×250 rectangle ads, the 728×90 leaderboard, and the 160×600 large skyscraper.

To make the most money out of CPM ads, design your blog to accommodate all types of banners above your blog’s fold. This is the position that will earn you premium rates.


Use Google AdSense

If you want to earn from Google AdSense, you need to drive high traffic to your blog. Make sure that at least 70% of that traffic is search engine traffic. This is because this traffic is often composed of people who are likely to click on ads.

Once you are assured of these requirements, you need to pick the right AdSense units. The most profitable ones are the 300×250 rectangle, the 336×280 large rectangle, and the 160×600 large skyscraper.

In choosing a position, you have to prepare for a possible reduction in user experience. Your readers might not like it if you have to blend the ads with the content instead of putting them in the sidebar.


Profit from Sponsorships and Direct Advertising

Once you have established a good following for your blog, you can sell ads directly to your audience and earn more from it.

You need to clearly tell advertisers that you’re ready for their ads by putting an “Advertise with us” page.


The pro of this method is that you can determine how and where the ads will be placed and you can earn more by not using a middleman. However, the con is that you need to put in more work to manage all the ads and transactions with the advertisers by yourself.

So, should you go to the advertisers or will you wait for them to come to you?

If you are just starting with direct ads, you have to find and contact the advertisers first. Start with creating a list of relevant advertisers, the ones that have already made use of online ads and are selling products or services that your readers use.

You can find such advertisers by looking the advertisers on the other blogs in your field, by searching Google using your keywords and looking at the companies in the “Sponsored Links,” and by signing up for advertising networks, such as BuySellAds.com or SponsoredReviews.com.

You can then contact these potential advertisers. Make sure to introduce your blog and yourself, talk about how you are willing to accommodate their ads on your website and how their product/service is appropriate for your readers, show them some basic stats about your blog, especially subscribers and traffic, and highlight the advertising features that you can offer, such as the banner formats, position, and rates.


In calculating advertising rates, it might be a good idea to start with charging $0.50 CPM for advertising 125×125 banners on the sidebar. If you get 200,000 views per month, you can charge these banners in this position $100 per month. Use this calculation as a rule of thumb for calculating the rates of other ads in different positions.

Check your blog’s real page views to calculate your rates. Use Google Analytics to do this.


Try Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can complement your earnings from your blog.

First, check all the products and services that you’re using and find possible affiliate programs related to them. You can write reviews about them and put in your affiliate links.

Write honest reviews about the product or service to establish your credibility. This will help you earn your readers’ trust and confidence in your posts.

Keep track of the latest products and services that your readers might be interested in. If you find one, contact the product/service provider and ask if they offer an affiliate program.

You can also sign up for affiliate marketing networks such as Commisionology, Power Leads, Commission Black Ops, The Fan Page Money Method, or JvZoo.


Bank on Email Marketing

You can connect to your audience better through emails and forge relationships with them. The bigger your email list is, the more advantageous it will be to you, especially if you decide to do email marketing.

If you don’t want your emails to be classified as spam, use email marketing services. The most reliable ones are iContact, Aweber, and ConstantContact. I personally use MailChimp and find it very user friendly.

Explore all the methods that will encourage people to subscribe to your email newsletters and to respond to you.

Establish a steady email relationship with them by sending at least one email every week, or every two weeks. Don’t forget to include valuable information in each email.

You can make money out of your blog using all the strategies discussed above. These tips were also used by bloggers, who are now living comfortably from the money that they earned from their blogs. However, you have to put in a lot of hard work, time and patience while preparing to monetize your blog.

It is a common mistake to treat your blog merely as a source of acquiring money.

Remember that a blog is more than just a website with dollar signs posted in the header, footer or sidebar. Its biggest function will always be to connect you to the rest of the world.

Aside from making money out of your blog, you should also use it to make new friends, build a community of readers, and establish relationships with people that can help your blog and your readers. Use your blog to establish your authority in the field and to explore new ideas that will drive traffic to your blog. Don’t waste the opportunities that your blog brings to find partners and to start useful projects that will benefit you, your audience, and your network.

While you should focus on making money using your blog, don’t be blinded by all the benefits that you can get out of it.

The best thing about blogging is that you don’t even need to think far ahead into the future. If your blog becomes popular with a top position in your niche, you can use it for just about any venture. It can be a great platform to publish a book, to get your dream job, or to launch a product.


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Promote your blog femmetrepreneurs blog

Don’t Let It Just Sit There, Promote Your Blog!

Hey Femmes! I hope you had a great weekend full of rest, relaxation, and restoration to get you prepared for the grind and hustle of the week.

Today we are continuing our blog series on Blogging.

It is not enough that you write great content if you want to have a successful money-making blog. You have to promote your blogs to increase their exposure. There are several methods you can use to do this.


Exchange Links

Link exchanges, contrary to popular belief among bloggers, are still effective. If you do them right, they can drive traffic to your blog and increase your search engine ranking.

However, you need to be careful not to break any of the search engine’s policies regarding exchanging links.

Make sure to exchange links only with blogs that are relevant to your niche and that will be helpful to the readers for a broader understanding of your topic.

It is also important not to prioritize optimization in choosing the anchor text. Make it natural by using the name of the blog that you will link to.

If you want to avoid being penalized, choose the rel=”nofollow” attribute on the links and ask the other blogger in the exchange to do the same. This will assure the search engines that you’re not exchanging links to share search engine juice, but you will still get traffic.

You can put the exchange links under “Recommended Blogs” or “Friends,” for instance. Some blogs put them in the RSS feed, with a message.


Write Blog Comments

You can promote your blog through blog commenting.

Choose blogs that are relevant to yours and leave helpful, funny, or even controversial comments to pique the interest of the audience of that blog. Make sure to leave your link in that comment, so when these readers click on it, it will lead them to your blog. These readers will likely be interested in your content too, since they found you after reading a blog relevant to yours in the first place.

To ensure that you will hook readers to follow your comments to your site, be patient in posting comments on as many relevant blogs as possible and do it several times per day.

However, don’t write useless comments. Every comment must add information or raise big questions about the topic being discussed.

Make sure not to optimize your comment with your keywords or blatantly use your blog’s name to avoid being categorized as spam.

You can use the name of your blog but use it with your name. This will make your comment more personal and you need that to connect with people.


Guest Blog

This is a popular practice in the blogging world, wherein you write an article for another blogger. The other blogger gets a free article, while you, the guest blogger, get more exposure. You can also gain traffic for your blog by including your link in the byline of your guest blogs.


Use Social Media

Social networking sites are great toils to connect with your audience and gain new visitors.

You can try Twitter, given its massive population. Create an account and use it to update your followers whenever you publish new content or find relevant links from other sites or blogs. Each tweet should be valuable to your followers.

You can also use Facebook. Create an account for your blog and take advantage of all its features by posting articles, photos, and videos. You can even start a community in it.

Pinterest is the perfect social media platform for promoting your blog content, especially if your content demonstrates or teaches people how to do or make something.

There are more than 400 social networks that you can explore. Consider which networks have great ties to your target audience and use them to promote your blog.


Use Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites let you save and share bookmarks of web pages. These sites often rank popular submissions and bookmarks. The most popular ones are often shown on the front page.

Some of the popular bookmarking sites that you can use are Digg.com and StumbleUpon.com. Blogs and websites that are featured on Digg.com often get 20,000 to as many as 100,000 visitors within 24 hours. However, there are lower chances of getting to the front page because of the stiff competition among web pages.

StumbleUpon.com, on the other hand, requires users to install its toolbar on their browsers. Its biggest advantage is that even a few votes will boost your website traffic for several days.

You may also want to try Reddit.com, Fark.com, or Faves.com.


Promote Killer Content

You can capitalize on your killer articles to further promote your blog. You can follow these tips to promote your blog as it is and your killer articles:

  • Inform other bloggers and website owners about your killer articles through email.
  • Ask friends for help in submitting your killer articles to relevant social bookmarking sites.
  • Post about your killer articles in your social media accounts.
  • Ask your friends to vote for your articles on the social bookmarking sites.
  • Link to the article from your other sites or blogs with a relevant topic. Invest in link building efforts for your killer articles.


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How to Forge Relationships with Your Audience

Happy Friday, Femmetrepreneurs! I hope you are enjoying this series about Blogging. Only three more posts left! And don’t forget that today we also are doing the Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday article.

Now, back to blogging –

In any field, building relationship is always important. It holds true even in blogging. Your relationships with other website owners and bloggers will help bring new readers and buyers to your blog. This is how important networking is and this post will teach you tricks on how to build a network online.

The most important thing that you need to remember is to forge genuine relationships. Don’t befriend people because they are famous or important in your field. Instead, connect with them because you like their work, respect them, and believe that they can help you broaden your connections.

Real networking is about finding mutual relationships. You get help from other people as you lend them help too!

The first step in networking should be about making a list of relevant, active and popular blogs. The number of blogs you might find depends on your niche. For instance, a popular niche, such as technology or fashion, might have many blogs that you can connect to, while a less popular topic might have fewer blogs to network with.

You can start your list by looking into these websites to find relevant blogs for you:

After making a list, prepare to talk to these bloggers. Introduce yourself first. You can contact them via the email address listed on their site or contact form.networking

When you create your introductory message, be direct to the point and state who you are. Talk about how your blog shares a niche with theirs. You can even include the URL to your blog in the message or in your signature. If you like the other bloggers’ post, ask for permission to link to it.

Before you even ask other bloggers to help you by linking their site to yours, make the first move. You can find appropriate posts to link to if you subscribe to all the blogs that you listed. If you find one that you like, write a relevant post, share your opinion about the topic, and provide a link to the other blogger’s post.

Always remember that links to quality, relevant posts will help your readers and your ranking. It’s wrong to assume that doing so will ruin your Google Page Rank or traffic. On the contrary, your readers will surely love you for pointing them to other valuable articles through the external links.

Aside from linking to the other bloggers in your network, you can also help them by referring other people to their site or blog, nominating them for an award, recommending them for an interview, or sharing their posts on social media. These actions will prove that you are their friend, hence the start of a good relationship.pexels-photo-886465.jpeg

Now, taking care of good relationships will surely pay off in terms of getting them to do a favor for you. For one, you can ask them to share your best content to their audience. Choose your killer articles for this purpose.

However, it’s wrong to beg them for a link. Just casually mention that you have an article that they might like. With a straight forward message, the other bloggers might read your article. If they like it, they won’t hesitate to link to it. But if they don’t, it means that you need to put in more work to create compelling articles that will easily earn the links of the other bloggers in your network.

Other ways to forge connections with you blogging peers include joining Blogging Facebook groups, following bloggers on Twitter and Instagram, and reading and commenting on blogs that you come across.

To forge relationships with the people already reading your content it is all about communication. Reply to comments that your readers leave on your posts. Genuinely consider any suggestions that they might make, answer questions that they ask. Follow people back who follow your blog or follow you on social media. Ask your followers questions to answer in the comment section. Let your readers know that they matter to you.

What do you think readers? Did I leave anything out? Is there anything more you would want me to do to connect better with you? Tell me in the comments!

And don’t forget to read the Femmetrepreneurs Spotlight Friday article!

Be sure to come back tomorrow! I will teach you how to market and promote your blog.

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Maximizing Your Blog Design and Usability

Hello Femmes! It’s Thirsty for Coffee Thursday so grab your cup’o’joe and let’s getthirsty for coffee thursday started.

New bloggers have to focus on the design and usability of their blog. This article will help in this aspect of blogging

Free Themes

Designing your blog does not have to be expensive. In fact, you can do it for free, especially if you’re using WordPress. WordPress has a lot of free and excellent themes that you can use. Just go to the Themes Directory and you’ll find a wide range of choices in there.

These themes can be customized. If you want to add personality to your blog, just tweak your chosen theme a little and you’ll get a unique blog design.

It would help if you have a working knowledge of CSS and HTML to help you design your new blog. You can go to HTML.net or w3Schools.com to find tutorials on designing blogs.

Blog Logo

To increase readers’ awareness of your blog, you need an identifying logo. Invest in one to increase the uniqueness of your blog and promote your brand further.

You can try websites like 99designs.com to find great logos for your blog. It allows you to designstahold a contest as to who can design the best logo for you. You can talk to the designers, wait for a week, then choose from several entries. This might even save you money since you can find great logos as cheap as $150.

Other logo design sites are Canva and Designsta.

Designing Based On What You Want Your Visitors To Do

There are many things that you might ask of your readers when they visit your blog, such as the following:

  • Read at least one article
  • Read the most read posts
  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Subscribe to your RSS feed
  • Click on ads
  • Share your post to a social bookmarking site
  • Leave comments
  • Buy from you
  • Click on the link to your social networks
  • Share your posts on the social networks
  • Share your post to friends through email
  • Check as many articles as they can
  • Download your eBook

However, you cannot design your blog to motivate your readers to do all of these things. That is, if you don’t want to make a mess out of your blog.

What you can do is to choose your priorities among the actions that you want your readers to do. Then, create a design to trigger those actions among your readers. The bottom line is that the fewer actions you want your readers to do, the more likely it is that they will get your message and execute those actions.

Convincing Subscribersshutterstock_524004049

One of the critical actions that you should ask of your readers is to subscribe to your blog. The more subscribers you have, the bigger your guaranteed audience will be. Moreover, it is easier to forge relationships with subscribers, who might turn into regular readers.

Aside from asking people to subscribe to your RSS feed, you can also use Twitter and email to notify subscribers of new posts to your blog.

In designing your blog, make way for your subscription calls. Put one above the fold, either on the sidebar or in the header. You can also put one at the bottom of each post, with a call-to-action for a subscription.

Showcasing The Best Content

Aside from getting readers to do what you need them to do and to get more subscribers, you also need to think about how to hold onto your readers.

First, you can create an exclusive section for your “Most Read Posts” in the blog layout. This is usually delegated in the sidebar, although some blogs also put this section in the footer or header, depending on what works for the blogger. You can choose the most popular articles manually or automate the selection using tools such as the WordPress Popular Posts plugin.

Second, you can start an internal page that will automatically list the most visited posts. You can prepare them by month or any other category. To avoid disrupting your layout, you can link to this internal page from the main menu. Instead of a text link, you can use an image to get the readers’ attention and lead them to the best content of your blog.

Common Usability Blunders To Avoid

There are several blunders committed when it comes to the usability of a blog, such as the following:


  • Not putting a search box. The search box is useful when readers want to find specific posts on your blog. It might frustrate them and discourage them from using your blog if you miss this important usability feature.
  • No contact page. It is important for readers to be able to contact you if they want to talk about or ask you about something. Treat the contact box as your connection to your readers, who might have some helpful feedback for you.
  • Lack of archives. Your blog should have a page compiling all your posts. It does not only improve user experience, but it also serves as a sitemap that search engines value in ranking websites.
  • Bad font. Your readers must not only love your content, but your posts’ typography as well. Use the right font, font size, and line spacing that make for comfortable reading.
  • Complex navigation. You can simplify your website navigation by putting a link to your home page on all your internal pages, having a navigation bar, and not using drop-down menus, among others.
  • Using invisible links. Make sure to identify your hyperlinks by underlining them or using a different font color for the anchor keywords. You can also use them to simplify navigation.
  • Overloading blog with ads. Although you make money from ads, don’t overdo it if you don’t want to turn off readers. Start small and expand your ads, but always prioritize user experience.
  • Using too many widgets, buttons, and badges. These might look crowded in the sidebar, making your blog look cluttered. Choose only the buttons and widgets that you really need.


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Don’t Bore Your Audience To Death: How To Write Content That Sells

Happy Hump Day, Femmes! Welcome to Day Two of our Blogging blog series.

Good content is the foundation of a great blog. It is what draws the readers and eventually, the money, in.

As a blogger, it is important that you know what features make for great content.

Informative, Engaging, And Unique

Quality content must be informative, engaging, and unique.


It must be informative and useful to attract readers. Its importance depends on the blog’s

niche. A humor blog would be helpful to readers if it always has funny posts. A fashion blog would be valuable to fashionista readers if it posts the latest style and trends in fashion. The bottom line is to always prepare something useful for the readers.

Great content must be engaging. It needs to coax a response from the readers and get comments and shares from them. You can even use those comments as ideas for your next posts.

Great content must be unique to get the readers’ attention and hold onto it. If they can find it on other sites and blogs, why would they waste their time on yours?

Killer Content

Killer content is something that the readers find hugely helpful. It usually prompts them to bookmark the article and share it to their friends and followers offline and online right away.

There are killer articles that are long and structured, but there are also short ones that pack everything that you need to say in one go. As long as they contain something that is largely informative to the readers, it can be considered a killer content. It could be about a trick on how to save on grocery shopping, how to cut off on phone bills, or how to curb insane cravings.pexels-photo-261662.jpeg

Killer articles can further establish your content development strategy because of the traffic, backlinks, and authority that they often bring with them to your blog. Some examples include how-to articles, interviews with experts, lists, resources, rankings, and breaking news.

However, you need to invest a lot of effort and time to create killer articles. The hours you spent brainstorming, researching, writing, and editing these articles would pay off in terms of the traffic that they would attract.

Make sure to post at least one killer article each week. If you can’t make time, post at least one every month.

Regular Posts

Although killer articles may bring in a flurry of readers to your blog, you can create a community by frequently posting regular articles. These are the type that will connect you to your readers.

Regular posts are necessary in maintaining your blog, especially since you need a lot of time to create and publish killer articles. Some great examples are quick tips, opinion articles, quick links, polls, questions to the article readers, blog updates, and events.


To get your readers’ attention, your articles must have great headlines. Remember that the headline is the first thing that people get to read. If it is not compelling enough, your readers won’t be encouraged to read the main article.

The headline will determine if people will continue reading your post if they see it on article directories or other sites, or if they will try reading the other posts on your blog. If they find your headlines dull, they would easily assume that the rest of article is uninteresting as well.

A great title uses the right words that speak to the readers. To know the specific words that can speak directly to your target audience, look for the right keywords on Google AdWords Keyword Tool. You can use it for free and it will give you 150 related terms. You can even find the most popular based on their Google search volume.

Another element that makes a great title is its appeal to the readers’ emotion. It should stir up an emotion in the readers, pushing them to click on the link that leads to your

blog or to the entire article.

Finding New Ideas

Coming up with new ideas about your future posts is one of the

hardest tasks of blogging. But you can overcome this obstacle if you always have a pen and paper on hand so you can write down all of your ideas and thoughts right away. This is just so you won’t forget your ideas.


It also helps if you start your possible posts by making drafts in your blogging software. It would be even better if you can prepare a headline and bullet points of all the main ideas. If you’re ready to write a full article, you can work on the draft right away.

If you can’t still find new ideas using the first two methods, you can go to Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Search for keywords related to your blog’s niche and look at the long-tail terms to inspire possible ideas in you.

You can also scour social bookmarking sites to find what’s trending and what’s hot. You could go to Reddit.com, Digg.com, or StumbleUpon.com.

Ideas can be found in blogs talking about other niches, mainstream sites, print magazines, newspapers, and TV programs. You can talk to your friends in the field too to brainstorm for new ideas.

See our post about Creating Blog Topics for even more ideas.

When to Post Content

New bloggers often ask just how frequently they should publish articles on their blog. There is actually no ideal posting frequency. Some popular blogs are updated once a week, while others get new posts more than once every day.

But the most important thing is not the quantity of the posts. It’s the quality that counts. Make sure all your posts are useful and relevant to your audience. Not posting anything if you’re not sure about its value is a safer option than posting a bad content that might ruin your credibility and discourage your readers.

For bloggers who want to monetize their blog, there should be a balance between the quality and quantity of posts. Even if you can’t update your blog every day, at least do it regularly. Follow a schedule to the day and even the hour of the posting to assure your readers that they will find new posts at that certain time of the week and visit your blog during at that specific hour.

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